A small cactus. Instead of fancy image of people wearing suits. We believe cactus is better. You don't care about this image anyway. There are more important issues. Like project and service management.


We can help youimprove your business 

Project & incident management software

Greenfield setup, migrations, customisations, development, optimisation and BAU support of Atlassian software.  Remove the load from your IT department with cost-effective subscriptions and projects.

Interim & project management

Our experienced consultants will lead you to your success through transistion, change periods or crises. We specialise in areas of IT departement, PMO, programs and project management.

Business process management

The agile driven processes will enable your business to respond to changing business environment. We help with setting proper processes, management standards and tools to define tailored made BPM mechanisms for your business.

Training sessions

We run dedicated training sessions and workshops covering different Jira and Service desk usage and management aspects. We can get to know your setup and processes setup and introduce it to selected users.

On-line trainings videos

Currently available on-line materials cover basic Jira usage and are in Polish. English version will be available soon.


Adopt, adapt, improve!

It's very easy to mistake grocery shop with the bank without focus on the goals.

Our rules of engagement are based on identifying our customers' needs to enable providing fitted solutions. There are always issues which can be solved, but focusing on the most important ones can be the game changer for your business. This is why we never act without proper analysis of the problem.

Sometimes adoption of proven simple solutions will help. More often adaptation will bring the real value in the pursuit of strategic objectives. We will do our best to ensure you that we deserve to accompany you during third step - improvement.

We believe that so called 'best practices' do not exist. Every company is different, production processes may be different even if they generate exactly the same product or value to customer. Only well identified and prioritised needs can lead to meaningful solutions.

We absolutely do not push to continuously improve given area. Our experiences prove that seemingly drastic approach often lead to cheaper, easier to implement and more effective results.

Who we are? A fintech startup.

We are team of professionals keen on solving problems. We find closing open topics very satisfying. Business as usual tickets, programs and projects, process analysis, organisational changes – it does not matter; we just want to make all dashboards green.

Long story short - after some years in corporations, another couple of years of freelancing we have decided that it is time to start working together. 

Our management and solution finding skills are backed with years of experience gained during projects for various insurers, banks, consulting & IT companies. Acting in different roles we had exposure to many complex situations that happen during projects. Our methods of operation allow for anticipation and avoidance of risks, optimisation of management processes and cost reduction.


Błażej Borucki

With over 13 years of experience working for financial services companies. After graduating from econometrics started his career as tester, then became developer, business analyst, project manager, product owner and scrum master. Agile enthusiast, looking for each opportunity to improve delivery & servicing processes. 

While supporting several clients during change processes, Błażej used to cut the process cost setting up and administrating  Atlassian application on his own. After couple of years, with hands on experience in setup and customisation, having contacts with developers and analysts who can provide significant input for clients, Błażej decided to focus on support of change projects and supporting Atlassian software for clients.

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