The ultimate buzzword bingo is here. No more boring meetings!

The perfect app for Project Managers, Scrum team members, and IT professionals!


With this simple bingo like game – with buzz-words instead of numbers – you will not only get a little bit of fun. It will also help you focus!


You can select several categories of buzz-words:
– classic project management,
– conference calls,
– Agile,
– cloud, 
– HR.


The goal is to mark a buzz-word when you hear it. You win when all the buzz-words in a column, row or diagonal are marked.


Play on your own, or with colleagues!
Change buzz-words categories with the burger or generate a new scorecard with a refresh icon.
Select categories you want to be presented on the scorecard.
Tap the buzz-word when you hear it during meeting or call.
When you select all buzz-words in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line jump on your chair and scream BINGO!